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MasterScan redefines the scanning process with quick and accurate results!

Scanning important papers is no more a fuss now. MasterScan makes scanning easy, up-to-date, and on the go! Every sort of document is scan-able with this fastest document scanning app.


Boost Your Productivity With MasterScan's Core Features

Doc Scanner

Take pictures of the document with your device camera and scan it anytime anywhere.MasterScan is a handy document scanning app!

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OCR converts printed characters into digital text. The inbuilt OCR is an intuitive text reader.

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Scan QR and BarCodes in seconds! Save and share the codes hassle-freely.

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Value-Added Features Of MasterScan

Productivity On Your Finger Tips!
  • Save your scans as PDF or JPG format
  • Rapid image processing with a flexible interface
  • Achieve the right image orientation with intuitive cropping.
  • Rename your file.
Papers You Can Scan With MasterScan

All types of documents, Identity cards, and formal papers. Office/Business invoices, important contracts, various bills, and vouchers. Scan every type of receipts, letters, passport, and even books! Useful articles, important certificates, and business cards

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